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About LiV Skin Clinic
Skin Specialist in KL

We are an aesthetic and laser skin clinic situated in the heart of the Bukit Jalil, offering a good range of dermatological, aesthetic and medical services. Founded hand-in-hand by dermatologists  (dermatologist KL & skin specialist in KL) and aesthetic physicians , services at LiV Laser Skin Clinic are built on our shared belief and focus in solving patients’ skin conditions and improving our patients’ quality of life, by treating every patient with the latest, highest quality, safest and scientifically proven treatment methods, no matter if it’s a medical condition or for aesthetic and wellness purposes. LiV Laser Skin Clinic places great importance on providing high quality treatments customized for our patients. Our skin specialist in KL also pride themselves in being honest, empathetic and attentive to every patients’ needs. At LiV Laser Skin Clinic, our skin specialist in KL (dermatologist KL) aim to inspire confidence by helping you look and feel your best. Looking and feeling your best is a commitment – make it your choice to boost your confidence by letting us take the first step with you.

Our aim

Getting the best skincare treatment that suits your skin is a bit of a challenging task. But you do not need to worry, as we at the skin clinic Kuala Lumpur can make your journey to better skin much more effortless.

Our motto is based on three things.

Best Quality; Patient satisfaction; Proven Results

Why choose us?

Liv skin clinic kuala lumpur has become one of the best providers of skin treatments over recent years. We provide the best skin treatments that are tailored to your requirements. Our team of experts carries cosmetic procedures by using the latest knowledge, advanced equipment, and most up-to-date technologies.


Our specialized services

At liv skin clinic kuala lumpur, we provide a wide range of services as a skin specialist in kl. Our medical, dermatological, and aesthetic treatments are scientifically proven and safe for both adults and children.

With a significant number of trained dermatologist in KL, our clinic will provide you with various skin treatments to cater to your skin needs.

Our services include;

Treatment for

  • Various types of eczema, contact dermatitis, and discoid eczema.
  • Skin conditions like acne, acne scars, pimples, melasma, contact dermatitis, and wrinkles.
  • Skin allergies
  • Nonsurgical face lifting
  • Treatment for excessive hair loss
  • Laser hair removal

Your safety is assured

At liv skin clinic kl, clients’ safety remains our topmost priority. All the treatments and procedures are tested and administered in a safe and secure environment by highly trained doctors. We ensure that our treatments are entirely safe and help you achieve your dream of healthy, young, beautiful, and flawless skin.

Dr. Low Dyoi-E
Dr Low Dyoi-E, Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Moy Su Senn
Dr. Moy Su Senn, Aesthetic Physician
skin specialist in kl
Dr Low Dy-Win, Consultant Dermatologist
dermatologist in kl
Dr Loh Ken Chen, Consultant Dermatologist
laser skin clinic
Dr. Celine Tan, Aesthetic Physician



Skin Conditions
We Treat

We (skin specialist in KL and dermatologist KL) treat varies skin diseases such as pimples, skin allergy (eczema), psoriasis, melasma, contact dermatitis, hair loss, warts, keloids and etc at our laser skin clinic. Click here for full info. 

Aesthetic & Laser

Aesthetic and Laser

We (skin specialist in KL and dermatologist KL) offer wide range of state-of-the art aesthetic services such as dermal filler injection, neurotoxin injection, thread lifting, growth factors treatment, microneedling, carbon laser peel, microdermasion and laser hair removal etc. Our laser skin clinic have the most advanced laser machines to treat various skin condition such as acne scars, pigmentations, wrinkles.  We (skin specialist in KL and dermatologist KL) have advanced Fotona PICO Laser , Edge CO2 laser.


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