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How to Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss with more than 90% Success Rate

How to stop Male Pattern Hair loss without hair transplant with at least 90% success rate?

Here are few important tips that work.

Traditionally, minoxidil hairspray work well in 2 out of 3 men. As for oral finesteride, it stops hair fall in 90% of men. 2 out of 3 will have fine hair grow which is quite promising.
Of course combination of both, even work better!
Not to forget 5 important mineral those important for hair grow e.g. iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Biotin&Zinc. Do consume more off those in daily diet. We provide blood test for this purposes and we make sure one get all the minerals needed.
Lately, studies show even TOPICAL finesteride & biotin works wonder with minimal or no side effects. We can customize your personal hairspray just for you.
Please help to share to your family and friends with these male pattern hair loss, so that they can at least stop thier hair loss with 90% success rate.
If professional advice on male pattern hair loss are needed, do message us. Our dermatologists will attend to your need.

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