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pico laser malaysia all need know

In this article, we’re going to cover about Pico laser Malaysia. Laser treatment has long been regarded as highly effective in inducing skin rejuvenation. The only downside to this treatment is the long downtime. Different types of laser treatment Malaysia offer varying benefits and it’s often categorised into two – ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative lasers include carbon dioxide (CO2) or Erbium, which are used to reduce the appearance of scars, warts, fine lines and wrinkles. It works by removing the outer layers of the skin. Non-ablative lasers, on the other hand, doesn’t involve the removal of any skin layers. They include fractional laser, pulsed-dye laser and pico laser Malaysia.

Choosing a laser treatment for your skin can be challenging, but with our help, you can find a suitable one and safely undergo the treatment. There are many types of laser treatments available in Malaysia. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the things you should know about pico laser Malaysia.

What is Pico laser Malaysia?

Pico laser is essentially a non-ablative laser which is mainly used for acne scar treatment, tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, and skin rejuvenation and lightening. It’s the latest generation of laser to deliver ultrashort laser pulses in picoseconds, unlike its predecessors that deliver laser pulses in nanoseconds.

When put to practice, the laser pulses of this laser treatment remain on the skin 100 times shorter than other lasers. But at the same time, Pico laser Malaysia delivers more laser pulses into the dermis, increasing the efficacy of natural skin rejuvenation.

How does Pico laser Malaysia work?

As the name suggests, a pico laser delivers ultrashort, concentrated energy pulses in picoseconds to the skin to generate laser-induced breakdowns. This will help destroy the skin cells that cause pigmentation and uneven skin tone while causing pressure waves to activate the cell’s inflammatory healing response.

With that, the cell’s healing response will lead to increased collagen and elastin, resulting in youthful skin. As a result, a pico laser treatment allows people to have a flawless, youthful look.

Unlike other types of laser treatment in Malaysia that uses intense heat energy to induce skin rejuvenation, leaving patients with long downtime, a pico laser treatment offers you the opportunity to have younger, better-looking skin without long downtime and side effects.

Is it suitable for every Malaysian?

As a non-ablative laser treatment, pico laser is exceptionally safe for every Malaysian. It has been proven effective for acne scar treatment, tattoo and pigmentation removal, and skin lightening.

This laser treatment is also non-invasive which means you won’t have to worry much about the side effects such as redness or itchiness – they will subside 24 hours post-treatment. Thanks to its laser precision, a Pico laser Malaysia treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of Pico Laser Malaysia

Pico laser treatments can treat a variety of skin condition, thus offering a plethora of benefits to those wishing to improve their skin’s appearance. The following is a list of skin condition that pico lasers can treat.

1. Acne scar treatment

Acne is a skin condition that affects many Malaysians. While it’s a temporary problem, it usually leaves behind a scar that can sometimes be permanent. Bear in mind that acne scars are the products of inflamed lesions of the skin. To repair the damages, our skin needs to form new collagen fibres.

Luckily, a pico laser Malaysia treatment can help treat acne scars by delivering ultrashort, concentrated energy pulses into the targeted area and generate laser-induced breakdown in the skin. This will stimulate the skin’s natural rejuvenation along with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother skin and more radiant complexion.

2. Tattoo removal

There’s a popular belief that once you get permanent tattoos on your body, they can’t be removed. However, that’s not entirely true thanks to pico lasers. Although using laser treatment to remove a permanent tattoo isn’t new, the picosecond technology allows for more effective and safe removal of the ink.

This laser treatment emits a high and concentrated amount of energy within a brief timeframe on the targeted area, breaking down the tattoo ink into tiny particles. With this treatment, there’s a lesser risk of thermal skin damage and reduces the need for multiple tattoo removal session.

3. Pigmentation control

Prolonged exposure to the sun can stimulate the skin to produce melanin which protects skin cells from the sun’s damaging UV rays. However, when the skin produces excess melanin in a certain area of the skin, it causes pigmentation to occur. It’s generally harmless but some individuals may consider it to be unsightly.

Fortunately, a Pico laser Malaysia treatment can treat this condition by concentrating the beams of high energy, ultrashort pulses on the discoloured areas without damaging the surrounding skin. This will break down the melanin and pigment particles, resulting in a clearer and fairer complexion.

4. Birthmark removal

Much like tattoo removal, removing a birthmark from the body requires precision as it’s a collection of heavily pigmented skin cells that clump together. A Pico laser Malaysia treatment can help break down the birthmarks into smaller particles using its picosecond technology. This will result in a clearer and smoother skin surface after several weeks.

5. Skin rejuvenation

Aside from treating acne scars, removing tattoos and birthmarks, Pico laser Malaysia is an effective skin resurfacing treatment. It can help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing you to achieve a more youthful look. This treatment can also stimulate collagen production by creating laser-induced breakdowns in deeper layers of the skin.

Reasons to opt for Pico Laser

Thanks to modern science, anyone can now opt to undergo a pico laser treatment to achieve better-looking skin. As mentioned above, the benefits of Pico laser Malaysia outweigh other types of laser treatment in Malaysia. Here are two reasons why you should opt for a pico laser treatment.

1. Use of pulsed laser energy

Pico laser treatment delivers ultrashort, pulsed laser energy to the skin that targets a specific area on the skin. The direct, but concentrated laser energy works to break large pigments into tiny particles, allowing your body to dispose of it naturally.

Other types of laser treatment can sometimes cause discolouration on the surrounding skin, but with Pico laser Malaysia, the pigmentation is specifically targeted for treatment without harming the surrounding skin.

2. Minimal discomfort and little to no downtime

Compared to other types of laser treatment, a pico laser is painless with minimal downtime. The former will cause your skin to be red and tender for several days with minimal exposure to the sun. Pico laser Malaysia, on the other hand, entails little to no discomfort during the treatment. Your skin may appear red immediately after but will subside after several hours.

If you’re looking to improve your skin’s condition with high efficacy and minimal downtime, the pico laser is the ideal treatment for you. Be sure to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist like Liv Clinic before you undergo a pico laser treatment in Malaysia.

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